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Out on Vinyl & Digital Format


Little Girl

I wanted to create something through a process of unlearning. To make sound without a key or a tempo.


The universe started without space or time.  


This void is the origin space for my upcoming album 'innersense'.

I find my notes.

First release from upcoming album 'innersense', 'Little Girl Lost' is an industrial ambient experiment that hangs in the balance between order and chaos.

Little Girl Lost Cover .jpeg
evan cover.JPG

Evanescence of Colour

Every time she touches the water, another dream is possible.

Another reality is possible.

Drifting into worlds of colour, art, imagination, and escape.

There, all is beautiful. All is well.

But there is a banging coming from the other side of the prism, it is making ripples on the surface.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep him out.

evan cover.JPG
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