By laying glass, oil, water and flowers above light sensitive paper and letting light fall directly onto them, you create a silhouette. Everywhere the light touches will turn black. Everywhere is does not you are left with a pure and perfect white shadow.

The subtlety of light is appreciated mutually by both the flower and the photographer. The word 'photograph' comes from the greek roots ‘phōtos’ meaning light and ‘graphé’ meaning to draw. To draw with light and to live by light, the flower & I indulge in the organic formations light offers us.
From the light of a moment caught on the silver crystals in the film to the golden halogen light of my enlarger. This drawing of light is a portrait of those who grow towards it. They remind us what we must do for ourselves. Life presents and expresses itself in waves, whether light or sound, it connects all of us.

Flower in Light - Botanical Print

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  • This hand processed | home developed photogram was created much like a lumen print.  This is a form of cameraless photography where you work directly with chemistry and light. This art photo print is 4x5 inches and comes unframed.