Organic Visual Arts

I create moving images to accompany music. I perform live visuals, installations and create organic visual effects for films and music videos. 

Trailer for my first film 'The Little Ones'.

The Loumier Project were commissioned to create organic visuals for Paolo Nutini's summer festival tour in 2015.

AudioPlants create live music videos, sometimes with live visual effects for musicians every week. Amongst my favourites are 'Slumber' by Kitty VR  and 'Improv#7' by owl.

'Landscapes of Light' was one of three light art installations I directed. A  short video of the event can be found on my YouTube channel

I have also worked as a live analog light artist for concerts and live music videos. See showreel below.

Organic Visual FX


Organic visual effects were once just called ‘Visual Effects’ but now they are considered the analogue sister to CGI. Also known as ‘Living Paintings’, they give film an artistic richness that resonates with nature as it is ultimately natural processes/organic formation. Mould growing can, if captured correctly appear to be a planet forming. It is often simply a case of seeing the great cosmic processes in the micro biological/chemical earthly processes.