Katie Lou McCabe 

I explore colour and sound in many of it's forms including music, painting, stories, film, installations and photography. 

In my first installation 'Starfishing', I sung my songs to shadow puppets who played out the stories in worlds of liquid light created on overhead projectors. Kit Monkman of KMA attended 'Starfishing' and commisioned me to create liquid light for Paulo Nutini's summer tour in 2015.

I formed an artistic partnership with Sam Boullier called the Loumier Project to create these visuals and we have been working together ever since. I played a leading role in his film 'The colours and the kids'. He has made beautiful music videos for my songs such as Juniper Tree and Lulla bye. We created my first film  'The Little Ones' together, which is yet to be released.
I moved to Berlin in 2017 and played many gigs in beautiful venues and played music with lots of wonderful people.
I learnt the art of analogue photographic processing.
I then came home to North Yorkshire with a renewed enthusiasm of all my arts and had the honour of supporting Michael Hurley at The Band Room in Farndale upon my return.

"Her songs are innocent yet sensual affairs of darkness and light embedded within our natural being and the world we live in." - The 405

"I crawled over a tree stump to enter a little clearing. Calming music was playing all the while, and it felt like I had entered some beautiful, supernatural world. "
 -  One&Other

"Delicate, brave and beautiful." - Kit Monkman on Starfishing

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